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Lean Shaker

Lean Shaker

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There is a funny story about how we decided on our Leaner Living Shaker Bottles. We try to tailor to everyday people, which means increasing practicality and usability in regards to our products. There were a few options on the market to make our model, including short, tall, wide, screw on tops, pop off tops, and other nice bottles.

What were we looking for? Well the better question would be what were we not looking for!

1. Pop off tops have caused many problems in the past for us, including spilled shakes in undesirable places. We had to have a screw on top.

2. A big concern was a perception of us tailoring to bodybuilders only. Big bulky shaker cups do not fit in cup holders and they are usually perceived as a "meat head" product. So we made sure ours was skinny enough to fit in cup holders as well as fashionable for anyone! Hence why they are "Lean" Shaker Bottles.

3. No one likes leaks in their shaker.... so obviously a No-Leak container would be preferred. Our shakers do NOT leak (if you remove the screen inside it will leak).

4. The cheap nozzle covers can get annoying by getting in your way when trying to drink your shake. Our nozzle cover flips back and STAYS back, which will stay out of your way.

5. Some mixers just don't get rid of clumps in cheap protein powders / meal replacements (Leaner Living MRP and Lean Latte don't have that problem). We found one with a nifty screen at the top that got rid of clumps better than all of the others that we tried.

And there you have it! The creation of our Lean Shaker Bottles. You will love them!

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